The Project

The Luanda Waterfront Project started with the vision to requalify the waterfront area of Luanda’s City Center, having Baia de Luanda commited itself with the Government to invest alone on that requalification.

This requalification was a massive and comprehensive intervention at different Levels:

  • The Purification of the waters of the Bay

  • By cleaning and threating more than 200,00 cubic meters of sand.

  • The creation of a new water and sanitation infra-structure

  • On a urban level, enlargement was achieved through dredging, wich allowed the creation of a new seafront, including a new 6 lane road and above all, enhancing leisure areas where are now:

- 106,000 square meters of pedestrian areas;

- 127,000 square meters of green spaces.

  • The former avenue was converted into more green areas and parking spaces, with significant improvement to urban planning and traffic flow.

The public project has been delivered to the city in August 2012. Today, this area is already a big reference in the life of everyone who live in Luanda, that use this area to relax, play sports, and with the creation of new restaurants and commercial areas, to enjoy their leisure and social time.

The Business

Now Sociedade Baía de Luanda has all the forces focus on the private projects: real state, commercial spaces, events, public parking spots and publicity.

Private real state. We are developing 68 hectares of newly reclaimed land, along the Bay and Luanda Isle for private real state. These 68 hectares are distributed in 4 distinct parcels, that we infra-structured it, approved the usage and construction areas for each individual plot, and we are now targeting this plots to private investors, who have the opportunity to develop independently their projects in a premium location and with much of the licensing process already completed.


  1. Luanda Business District: Located at the northern tip of Marginal, this parcel totals 9 hectares in area and an  pproved area of 400,000 m2. The parcel has 19 land plots dedicated to mix use, with an emphasis on Offices. It is destined to be the new Business Center of Luanda, the ideal place for the location of Head Offices of major companies. On top of this, more than 50% of the implantation area is destined for leisure and green areas. Are planned for this parcel the installment residential towers, offices, shopping centers and hotels. The district is surrounded by the sea on three sides.

  2. Luanda Waterfalls: totals 2 hectares. This parcel was sold to an external entity that has already begun constructing a Premium Business Park, with 4 office buildings and 1 residential tower.

  3. Luanda Residential District: It totals 27 hectares which admit 934,044 sqm of total building area. This parcel with 54 macro lots has a high focus on residential development and its master plan includes all complementary elements required to transform into a high quality residential district. This is the place to live and work in Ilha de Luanda.

  4. Luanda Isle Lighthouse: totals 30 hectares and is located at the very tip of Ilha de Luanda, its main focus will be Tourism, Leisure and Residential.

Together, these 4 parcels represent a total intervention of more than 2 million sqm of gross buildable area.

The total investment of the private development project is estimated at 2.5 billion USD, with a rate of return in the order of 19-32%, depending on development use/ type.

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Events. The public area of the bay has a huge space for events. Huge investments are being made in the commercial exploration of the event space by holding popular and well-known events. The aim is to turn the Bay into the go-to place for various leisure activities and thus maximise the opportunities it offers.

This new urban space on the bay of Luanda is already embraced and widely used by locals an in a respectful manner.

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Commercial Spaces. The Commercial Spaces Project on the Bay of Luanda, includes the installation of 93 new and modern outlets, which will complement the richness of the Bay with the offer of restaurants, snack bars and shops.

The Commercial Spaces will result in a combined commercial area of 6,700 sqm that will be distributed along the Bay. The project also includes, though on a later stage, the deployment of 4 platforms, that will be suspended over the water, aimed at the creation of world-class restaurants, lounges and nightclubs.

Each space will have ample outdoor area, which will have large shade space. The interior will have alternating glass and wood environment.

Along the Bay, 5 distinctive zones have been created; in accordance to their intrinsic characteristics have very special uses and concepts.

Zone 1: Close proximity to Luanda Waterfalls, which will have 4 premium office buildings and 1 luxurious residential tower; Direct access to car park; Privileged view of the entire skyline of Luanda; A more restricted area; has one basketball field and a children’s playground.

Zone 2: Close proximity to the events square; View to the city skyline and Fortaleza; Strong relationship with the city; Access to car park; Park with slide and physical activities.

Zone 3: Zone with lower density and integrated into exclusive squares; Strong relationship with the city.

Zone 4: Ample view throughout the entire Bay; Close proximity to Luanda New Business District, that will have seventeen towers for offices and one hotel; Direct access to car park; One basketball field.

Zone 5: Close relationship with the city; The square has suspended over the water, the piers of the Bay, have as their main objective to create an innovative & unique concept that complements the beauty of the city and enriches the quality and diversifies the social life of the inhabitants.

The idea is, to house well-known and high-end restaurants, bars, lounges or clubs, to help promote Luanda nationally and internationally.


Why you need to talk with us?

This project, which is already a reality, represents an opportunity to invest in the most emblematic part of Luanda. A city that is set to become an international reference.

We are aware that the project characteristics, its locations, the landscape, the legal environment and market conditions, represent an advantage and create, within the Luanda Waterfront Project, excellent business opportunities.

Our main priority is to find investors, who have proven records of developing a solid project that represents an additional  advantage for the project.

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2013 Excellence on the Waterfront, USA
Project Honour Award 
Baía de Luanda was the winner in the category of
Environmental and Public Works Category

2013 National Urban Requalification Awards, Portugal
Best Urban Requalification Project 
Honourable mention for best urban requalification 
Project in Angola

Projekta 2013, Angola
Best Urban Planning Project

2012 CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards, South Africa
Best International Project
Vela VKE Consulting Engineers was announced the winner for
the category "Best International Project"

2013 Landscape Architechture National Awards, Portugal
Best Landscape Architechture Project
Distinguished with the National Landscape Architechture for
Best Landscapr Intergration



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