Who we are

DARWIN is an Angolan investment management firm committed to catalysing the business evolutionary process.

We carry out in depth research and explore different markets to identify and create viable business opportunities. Our approach consists of an integrated management planning and execution of our projects to continuously deliver additional value to our clients, partners and shareholders.

DARWIN have the social economic and environmental responsibility at the center of our actions in order to create positive impact on society and local communities.


What we do

DARWIN is made of multidisciplinary teams with experienced people in several areas and geographies.

Our experience obliges us constantly to put ourselves to the test in order to be always excellent.

Our work is done in various sectors and around the world.

We are currently active in real estate development, infrastructure, construction, services and constantly analyse new sectors.


Our mission

Our mission is to catalyse sustainable projects that produce value for our clients and have a positive impact on society.

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Cidade Financeira, Rua do Centro de Convenções, Via S8, Bloco 4, 6º Piso, Talatona, Luanda - Angola

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